Our high performance SVELTRA
 textile stands for Svelte Ultra – a top performing material making women ultra slender and elegant. SVELTRA is developed to fulfill the need for wearable workout supplements – high performance wear increasing overall physical performance of the wearer.

Tights and other undergarments worn in direct contact with the skin and crafted out of SVELTRA, enhance weight loss if worn daily and during physical exercise.

SVELTRA textile embeds seven key ingredients which enter the blood stream of the wearer through direct contact with skin and work as a wearable workout supplement promoting overall physical performance enhancement.

SVELTRA is a highly stretchable hypoallergenic micro jersey, suitable for compressing wear, sports wear and underwear and having smooth elegant appearance.

SVELTRA is pilling free, quick dry, moisture wicking and easy care. Effective components enhance physical performance of the wearer during the first 90 days of daily wear with approximately 30 cold hand wash cycles during this period. The mild compressing effect and general apperance of the textile remains far beyond 12 months of frequent wear.